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Traditional Chinese Language​

​​Even ​if you ​feel struggling to start​ or move forward...

​​I was born in China and have been ​teaching traditional Chinese ​language for decades, ​both in community and recently online. I saw a lot of ​English-speaking learners ​were trying very hard to learn Chinese and couldn't get the essence. So I created this e-book "5 Ways to Enjoy Learning Chinese" to share my ​discovery through ​so many ​years' lessons . At the same time, I truly want to understand how much percentage of online learners are interested in learning traditional Chinese. So the following link will lead you to ​answer​ 4 really ​quick questions, after that you will be able to download my sharing for FREE.

​Did you know that when the European priests first came to China during the Ming and Qing dynasties for their God missionary work, they had to stay in Macau to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture before they could go to the capital city to see the Chinese emperor? And back in those days, there was no Hanyu pinyin – the pinyin system was introduced to Mainland Chinese in late 1950s, no Bopomofo – the Taiwanese mandarin phonetic system was just created in 1910s. However, these priests could speak, read and write the language very well within short time – usually two years or less, as you can see the picture here, one of the most famous priests Matteo Ricci was reading a ancient Chinese text. How did they learn Chinese? and more ....


My wife, who is Chinese from Taiwan, spotted my computer this morning.  At the time, I was reviewing your text slides which discuss Chinese characters.  She was very impressed that you are teaching the history and development of the characters and not just the characters alone.

-- Lawrence Miller

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