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​Demystifying Chinese Tones:
The Single Most Important Step
To ​Build ​A Solid Foundation ​For ​Your​ Chinese ​Study

(All Confusions About Chinese Tones Fully Explained in Easy-to-Understand, Super-Effective-to-Practice, Step-by-Step Detail...)

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My name is Michelle Li, and in a moment, I'm about to share with you ​the clarity about Chinese tones that took me decades to discover... and show you how to apply all the skills you need to ​practice Chinese tones, so that you can ​build up strong capability in both listening and speaking tones, ​start and keep your learning Chinese journey most enjoyable and effective with results and motivation (imag​ing if you can attain a wonderful sense to ​hear and speak the mandarin tones).​​

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​If you're learning to speak Chinese, the first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the language and pronunciation​, and the most fundamental thing you need to know is the​ four tones in mandarin Chinese. It's something you need to pay attention right from the day one.

Here is ​the story behind this course:

If you can't tell by now, ​Chinese language and culture are a bit of "obsession" for me... (my friends think I'm nuts :-)

I started helping westerners learn Chinese in my spare time since 1990s when I was in my early 20s, my students in those early days are my colleagues in a U.S. company - Sun Microsystems. So I wasn't an ​mainstream teacher when I started my teaching journey (I was actually a software engineer​, believe it or not!)​. ​Teaching Chinese was totally out of my passion with the language and wanting to help. Since then I've done lots of 1-1 ​tutoring and community courses to students of different age, background and levels.

Because of this background, there is one significant difference between my teaching and others: my teaching has a better learner's perspective than any others. I'm not only teaching what to learn, but how to learn as well. This is also reflected in the process of creating this video course.

Recently, I decided to ​start my online teaching...

I did a Facebook Live (you can still check it out on my Facebook page) to answer a question about Chinese tones raised by one of my audience. In order to make a truly helpful clarity, I made a tones card for my audience whoever wanted it. I received 50 email requests for the free copy of the card out of 88 video views. It's totally out of my expectation.

I wanted to help more learners, and go deeper on this topic for my existing audience. ​So I decided to ​create the best ​video course about Chinese tones​ you could find... Share with you all the lessons I had to learn the hard way together with my students...AND arm you with all the skills, and the clarity you need to get accurate and familiar with Chinese tones, jump out the confusions​, achieve results and keep passion with your Chinese study, all in one place. Especially if you ​ha​ve never learnt a tonal language prior to Chinese, the clarity is extremely important for your future study.

​Before start​ing ​my online teaching, I initiated a massive research project and interviewed over 400 English-speaking Chinese learners (489 to be exact) - from complete "newbies" to seasoned experts, including both community and online students - to find out exactly what ​challenges people are struggling with. It revealed that ​​the two major ​challenges for Chinese learners are characters and tones. For beginners, tones ​is the #1 frustration.

I went through all the tones questions, confusions raised up in the interviews, and created this video course. I got all confusions dissolved with absolute clarity you can't find anywhere else in a scientifically sound way, and I'm teaching you the most effective way to practice tones. I'll show you some details below.

I answered every question ​in a unique yet deep way to teach you the essence, how the confusions developed.​.. illustrated step-by-step, ​with dozens of examples, diagrams, ​for you to understand and practice easily.

And unlike most learning Chinese​ tones teachings, everything is explained in an English-speaking learner's perspective, with easy-to-understand plain English, no Chinese jargon or digital abbr.​

AND I make th​is ​course available to almost anyone who wants or is learning Chinese, because I offer a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the skills FREE, if you choose...

Here's taste of what you're about to learn:
1. ​What are Chinese tones, why it's not optional for learners?

  • ​In Chinese, ​tones are differences in pitch which are used to ​identify completely different words.
  • ​Over 60% of pronunciation mistakes come from tones - ​what you can do about it?
  • Classic Chinese poems are based on tone patterns​​​.
  • Tones has grammar functions​​​!

​2. ​​Match tones with your English pronunciation - no more mystery

  • ​You are using tones when you speak English. ​You ​speak different tones in English to express ​your emotions and attitudes​​. So you can actually match the tones with your English pronunciation, it's no mystery.

​3. ​​​The most effective way to practice Chinese tones - tone pairs

  • ​Mastering ​tone pairs is a must! ​ ​​​​Understanding the basics of tones in Chinese isn’t that hard and most people can do it relatively quickly ​if they are given the right ​instruction and some practice, but it’s not easy to translate this knowledge into actual speaking ability. I believe that mastering tone pairs is ​the most effective way to achieve this!

​4. ​​​​Dissolve the confusions of the third tone

  • ​​The third tone causes great confusion for ​almost all foreign learners! ​ ​​​​Sometimes ​learning tones in Mandarin can be a complex process because of the way it's been taught, like the third tone. Because the third tone has a tone changes problem​. Learning the basic theory about ​the tone changes is really easy; but mastering them in practice can take years. If an incorrect explanation or instruction sends you down the wrong path, the student might never get it right. However, I can give you the absolute clarity by showing you the real pitch curves recorded when the pekingeses speak the third tone, you will understand from your heart that the tone changes on the third tone are actually not that confusing, it​ actually happens naturally. I believe you can't find such type of clarity anywhere else.

​5. ​​​​​How to understand ​and practice the neutral tone?

  • The ​neutral tone is not a hard one, but it causes great confusion for ​most ​learners as well! ​ ​​​​Some​ common questions keep coming up again and again in my interviews and years of teaching experience. For example, What does “neutral” mean? How to pronounce the neutral tones? How high and how low should the tone be? What about neutral tones in words? I'll give you all the answers in the videos.

​6. ​​​​​How ​about the ​tone changes?

  • Besides ​the ​​third tone​, there are other type of tone changes​ you need to learn well! ​ ​​​​​

​And much much more...

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Yes, it's a financial gamble for me... But that's how confident I am that you're gonna be thrilled with this ​course I poured my heart and soul into it - and spilled the beans on everything I learned from my teaching journey. I guard my reputation like a bulldog guards the front door. If you're not happy, I'm not happy. I love Chinese language and culture as much as you do :-)

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