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Follow The Self-Correction Pronunciation Practice​,

You​ will ​Surprise ​The Native Mandarin Speaker​s.


We will teach you a way (as you can see in the following screenshot) to do the practice, so that you can know yourself if you make any mistakes, then correct it, and keep practicing until you can do it accurately and fluently, without someone ​teaching you in person. Isn't that cool?

​​​Enjoy To Learn Chinese Characters​: Discover The Origin & Stories

​Dissolve The Difficulties By Understanding The Culture Connotation


Every Chinese character has very profound cultural identification behind. If you know the origin and the essential cultural context behind the character, it's not hard at all for you to get to know the character well. I'​m going to teach you the origin of each character as well as the historical stories related to that character, you will enjoy it, that's for sure.

​​F​or example, ​the Chinese character 忠 (zhōng) ​is composed of two characters: the character 中 (zhōng) on the top and the character 心 (xīn) at the bottom. ​中 (zhōng) means inside, central; ​心 (xīn) means heart. So ​忠 (zhōng) means put something  or someone inside your heart. As the oldest education book of Chinese language,《說文解字》explains, "忠, 敬也", "盡心曰忠", means "respectful" and "with all one's heart, put one's heart and soul into".

​Then I will tell you the historical story of 岳飛(Yuè Fēi), A general who has been treated as the incarnate of ​忠 (zhōng) by Chinese people until today. This is the fun and enjoyable part of your learning, interesting and meaningful stories.

​​Make Writing An Artistic Experience: You Don't Have To ​Memorize The Stroke

Order ​If You Follow​ ​The​ Simple Rules, It​ Becomes Natural ​To Write Characters


There is a basic rule in writing Chinese characters; that is: for upper and lower structure, you write from top to bottom; for left and right structure, you write from left to right. When you know the inner meaning of a Chinese character, and simply follow this basic rule, you naturally know how to write it, without having to remember which stroke comes first, and which one comes next. Plus, you can enjoy the artistic beauty and peace of Chinese calligraphy.

​The Best Start Solution For ​All ​Beginners: 

Learn The Three Things Together, Build Up Your Interest


Whenever you learn a Chinese character, even if it’s the simplest word like the number one (一 yī), you still need to follow the process to practice the sound and tone, learn to write it, and understand the inner meaning of it and the culture implications it carries. That is why we always get you learn the three parts together. So we call ourselves “The Three Treasures Chinese Classroom” (三寶中文課室). 

The ​Detailed Guide ​To Overcome ​All Above Challenges

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Hidden Secrets to Overcome the Three Greatest Challenges in Learning Chinese

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