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​​A Brand New Way To Learn Chinese

  • ​​If you want to learn what are the three essential aspects of learning Chinese, and start the basics of pronunciation, characters and meanings of words right now.

    Or if you've simply got a specific question about learning Chinese that you've been struggling to find an answer to... like where shall I start - speaking, reading or writing? how to memorize stroke orders... then this could be the most exciting thing you ever read.

    Here's why:
    I've been teaching a lot of English-speaking students from different background to learn Chinese for years! This book is based on my personal teaching experience plus one year research about online learning (Chinese). I received and analyzed 489 responses from online learners, tried my best to figure out the common challenges. Then I spent a lot of time and effort to work out effective solutions for it. These are all explained in details in this book.

    ...And the best part? You pay for the book only (AU$29.95, about 19 Euro, US$21), I give you three bonus training for FREE!

    I've got videos to show you the methodology, which you will get them for FREE, if you order the book right through this page for the new registers, and this offer is only available for new registers. Here are the bonus trainings come along with the book:

    1. Mastering The Essence of Learning Chinese Language. This book explained a unique solution and methodology to learn Chinese. All the three aspects - pronunciation (sounds and tones), writing characters, understanding the meaning are illustrated very well by examples.

    2. Mastering The Basics of Hanyu Pinyin Online Practice Platform. The ​pronunciation of Chinese language is not necessary as difficult as you image if you can build the foundation in a down to earth manner. Before getting into the bush of words, sentences & conversations, make sure you can ​speak the initials ​​and finals slowly, clearly and accurately.

    3. How to Master the Initials of Hanyu Pinyin (Video Teaching About The Best Way to Practice Initials). This video gets your foundation into deeper by teaching you the most effective way to practice initials through real characters, words and phrases. The experience I’m sharing in these videos is what I learned from the most professional training for broadcast and television hosts in China.

    4. Mastering The Essence Of Writing Chinese Characters Without Memorizing Stroke Orders. Writing Chinese characters without having to memorize structures and stroke orders? Is that possible? This video shows you how to understand component-based Chinese characters through examples with writing animations. How to recognize the sub characters and structure of a compound character, and the natural rules of stroke orders.

    So, if you’ve been considering getting this, but you were still on the fence, or if you’ve been wanting to get this, but the price was just a little too high, now’s the perfect time to order​.

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