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My name is Michelle Li, and in a moment, I'm about to share with you information that took me decades to discover... and show you how to apply all the skills you need to your Chinese study, so that you can learn effectively and keep your enthusiasm as always.

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Even if you have started your learning journey with other courses or your local community language teachers. It's still very easy to apply these methods to your existing study.

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If you can't tell by now, traditional Chinese language and culture are a bit of "obsession" for me... (my friends think I'm nuts :-)

I started helping westerners learn Chinese in my spare time since 1990s when I was in my early 20s. I've done lots of 1-1 personal tutoring and community courses to students of different age, background and levels.

Recently, I decided to write a book about the learning Chinese subject...

After spending decades as educators, I wanted to combine my passion and teaching experience - to write the best dam "how-to" book about Chinese language you could find... Share with you all the lessons I had to learn the hard way...AND arm you with all the skills you need to achieve results and keep passion with your Chinese study, all in one place.

So, before writing this book, initiated a massive research project and interviewed over 400 English-speaking Chinese learners (489 to be exact) - from complete "newbies" to seasoned experts, including both community and online students - to find out exactly what information would be most valuable in a comprehensive "how to" book about the Chinese study subject...

The research consumed just over an entire year of my time. And I poured my heart into it...

Fast forward to today, the final book that resulted from this research has gone on to become the unique "how to" book on learning Chinese - benefitting both learners from my local community and across the world (online)...

The final book, "How to Learn Traditional Chinese from Scratch" was writting in a unique way to teach you the most important skills to learn Chinese... illustrated step-by-step, and complete with dozens of examples, diagrams, and online video and audio bonuses for you to practice.

The book also introduces the development story of each example character, along with the most relevant vocabulary words. This is the true gold you won't find anywhere else. Info. like this only discovered after decades of REAL "hands in the dirt" experience - including practical sentences to make your learning follows needs and interests, which you can't just get by doing a google search or heading over to your local library.

And unlike most learning Chinese text books, everything is explained in an English-speaking learner's perspective, with easy-to-understand plain English, no Chinese jargon or digital abbr. I wrote everything so "regular people like us" could easily understand all, even when I was telling historical stories.

AND I make the book available to almost anyone who wants or is learning Chinese, because I offer a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the skills FREE, if you choose...

Here's taste of what you're about to learn:

1. How ​to Build Your Sense & Confidence ​with Chinese Sounds & Tones...

  • The seven reasons ​why ​most people have trouble with pronouncing ​Chinese tones?- and what you can do about it?
  • Learn the #1 secret: ​exaggerating ​your ​sound and allow yourself to make mistakes
  • An easy way revealed - ​you can master tones by practicing just twenty tone combinations!​ ​​​Tones are probably the most important fundamental aspect of learning Chinese as a beginner, and tones have a very difficult reputation for Chinese learners, especially for beginners. But if you can follow these steps, you can definitely do more with less, and get good enough result to motivate yourself for further steps. First, get yourself familiar with the basic initials and finals (please see bonus item). Then ​practice it with different tone combinations​, you can apply to your study now!
  • Discover ​the ​inner ​rhyme of Chinese ​language​ 
    ​You can learn the tens of initials and finals​ in an enjoyable way I'm telling you now. Ancient China is known as the country of poetry. Before the Hanyu Pinyin system was created in 1960s, and the ​Taiwanese phonetic system ​in 1910s​, the Chinese phonology was part of the ancient Chinese poetry system. ​The traditional Chinese language has a natural inner rhyme, and really beautiful. Therefore the essence (ultimate secret) to master and enjoy the Chinese phonology is to discover that inner poetry rhyme. When you practice through characters, vocabularies and idioms, gradually you​'re able to get that essence.
  • Start to ​speak​ mandarin today - ​start from single words, then short phrases, then statements
    YES! you can do it now. People learn a language because they need it for communication. So start speaking mandarin today, following my suggestion here: if you can speak single words, do it! Then you move to short phrases, then statements, and make all these practices follow your needs and interest!
  • Speaking complete sentences made easy & natural
    Once you can open your mouth to speak Chinese, you can start to practice through daily useful sentences, from simple to complete, short to long, don't get yourself stuck. Let me show you an example, when you learn the character Tao (道 dào), you need to know the most commonly used vocabulary - know (知道 zhī dào). The best way is to learn it through a few sentences, from simple to complete. (see the following example, isn't it easy?).
  • I'll tell you ​where to find Chinese people to speak with
    Just like learning any other language, you always need to practice to speak and use it. Put what you're learning into practice is the best way to move forward, the more you speak, the more quickly you can make progress. You may try to find native Chinese speakers in your local community by joining a local language exchange group or looking for cultural events. You can also search online for language meet-up events or look for conversation partners on sites.
  • ​Bonus 1 - online audios to practice all initials and finals
  • Bonus 2 - 10 online interactive practice lessons of the vocabularies in this book

2. How ​to Writ​e Characters ​without ​having ​to Memorize Stroke Orders​

  • ​Discover the right way to learn characters, no need to memorize stroke orders
    Most people has a wrong impression that understanding traditional Chinese characters needs to memorize all the characters one by one, and writing them even needs to memorize all the different stroke orders. That is not true at all. ​Chinese characters are component based, i.e. each character is composed by one or more components (sub characters), each component represents part of the meaning of this character, so when you know the meanings of the sub characters, you'll be very clear about the meaning of the character, so ​comprehension is ​actually quite easy, ​as it comes as a natural combination of the sub characters. And writing is similar, you write it based on the sub characters, finish one, then move to the next.
  • The ​​eleven ​different ​structures of Chinese ​characters all follow natural rules
  • All ​traditional Chinese ​characters are ​component-based 
    All traditional Chinese characters are component based. The sub characters (components) of each character combined in natural structure rules like left-right, top-bottom etc. The inner meaning of a character is based on the components, the writing is the same.
  • Stroke ​orders ​follow ​natural ​rules too, no need to memorize
     Stroke is the minimal unit to shape a Chinese character. One or more strokes constitute a component, and one or more component form a character. The stroke order of a character follows some natural rules like from left to right, from top to bottom etc.. In Chinese character-writing tradition, “eight principles of character 永 yǒng” has been passed down since the 4th century. It is believed that character “永 yǒng” has the eight core strokes and principals of calligraphy, if we can write character “永 yǒng“ well, all characters can be written well. So Writing is not necessary difficult.
  • Do NOT memorize vocabulary word list, ​follow your needs and interests
  • Bonus 3 - long teaching video show ​you how to write characters with different structure and stroke order rules.​ I'm going to teach you how to avoid memorizing stroke orders!

​And this just scratches the surface​..​.

​As you can see, I wrote the book How To Learn Traditional Chinese From Scratch as the only book you ever read for building an effective foundation for learning Chinese. And if you are like my existing readers, you will be well on your way to mastering the essence of Chinese language as a native Chinese, even more...

But don't just take my word for it...

Here is what actual readers are saying...


I have already been studying the new lessons!  Your method of teaching is certainly unique — and much appreciated since it provides important and frequently overlooked attention to detail.  I look forward to more!

-- Lawrence Miller

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How can I do this?

Yes, it's a financial gamble for me... But that's how confident I am that you're gonna be thrilled with this book I poured my heart and soul into it - and spilled the beans on everything I learned from my teaching journey. I guard my reputation like a bulldog guards the front door. If you're not happy, I'm not happy. I love Chinese language and culture as much as you do :-)

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​FREE BONUS #2 is a set of 10 online interactive practice lessons of the vocabularies in this book, where you can practice the words, then speak out back, you are able to check if your pronunciation is correct or not, which means you can do self-correct listening & speaking practice. (as indicated in the below screenshot, $​190 value)
​FREE BONUS #3 is a long teaching video show you how to write characters with different structure and stroke order rules. I'm going to teach you with examples on how to smartly avoid memorizing stroke orders, just by following very simple rules, as you can have a sneak peak from the below screenshot! ($​​​50 value)

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  • ​Bonus 1 - online audios to practice all initials and finals ($​165 value)
  • Bonus 2 - 10 online interactive practice lessons of the vocabularies in this book ($​190 value)
  • Bonus 3 - long teaching video show ​you how to write characters with different structure and stroke order rules ($​​50)


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How To Learn Traditional Chinese From Scratch Book & Bonus Package

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1. THE EBOOK: How To Learn Traditional Chinese From Scratch
2. BONUS #1: my complete set of online audios to practice all initials and finals
3. BONUS #2: my online interactive practice lessons of the vocabularies in this book
4. BONUS #3: my teaching video show ​you how to write characters with different structure and stroke order rules



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